My Story

As I continue to evolve, I become ever more clear about who I AM and how I’m choosing to live my life.  I am aware of how, in my past,  I have distracted myself from knowing MY TRUTH. I celebrate that I no longer do that. I celebrate mySelf in each breath.

The truth that I AM is the context for my whole life: the basis of all the choices I make.

I have always believed that people should have opportunities to realize their full power. I believe that the future of our world lies in the hands of all those who are awake to the unique essence that they are and their potential for exploration.  The immensity of change and transformation possible is in the depth of the journey of exploration we, individually and together, are willing to take.

I know that there is no possibility of change and transformation if I live only with my unease about the current conditions of the world. There is no movement forward to create what I want in my world if my only response is to move away from what discomforts me. There is no possibility for me to step into the fullness of my capacity and power if I see myself as held helplessly captive by structures and systems which I believe I cannot change.

I choose to be authentically mySelf in the presence of others – open, clear, honest, and direct. I dare to be the medium for the message of our greater potential.

I choose not to try to fit into the confines and constraints of the existing systems of our world or attempt to make my truth fit the expectations of those systems.   Systems, while providing predictable and sure structure are also, by their very nature, self-replicating.  They become entrenched in the belief that there is only one way to organize and structure things.  If we accept that, we will only continue to make yesterday, today.

At my core, I’m not a ‘fixer’ – someone who says, “I know what has to be done.” and provides strategies that others would be expected to implement. I’m not a pundit or expert – someone who pontificates and presents themselves as being in the know while all others are in the dark.  I’m not a guru expecting those seeking change to sit at my feet waiting for me to lay pearls of wisdom on them.  I am not a Pied Piper who would lead those with questions toward a new and promised land.  Nor am I a messiah – a saviour of troubled systems.  There was a time when, fuelled by my own self-doubt, I played these roles well.  My genius today is simple: I know that the I AM that I AM is so much more than these roles.

I am a seeker.  I believe that change is a biological imperative for living and is realized in the size of questions which we dare to ask. For me, it is always about inquiry and the possibility to know more, be more, know differently. Each opportunity to explore and move beyond my comfort zone always transforms me.  I know myself as the invitation to consider things differently:  as the person who provides a safe place for us all to ask questions not asked before.  I light up pathways of inquiry.

I choose to be both invitation and provocateur. I know that questions are gateways to answers.  As I unapologetically live MY truth, my life calls to others to know that their world can be whatever they choose it to be.  Thus, others have felt unable to resist the curiosity rising within them to re-consider their capacity for greater expression of themselves and their own evolution. Inspired, they realize their power to lead their own Self-inquiry:  they mindfully and consciously choose to engage with themselves and their worlds.

I’ve always been drawn to those who are curious about the beliefs, values and attitudes they hold – the wherefores and the whys: those who know that our capability for choice is a natural expression of our humanity.  I choose to be in collective with others who are willing to examine their personal assumptions about all that is involved in living and engaging with the world and who are willing to jettison ideas which do not stand up to their personal scrutiny: those who are willing to consider ‘What else?’  I’m intrigued by those who are willing to move the conversation beyond strategy to imagination. I’m energized by those who are not afraid to investigate and consider the unknown, by those who are willing to be unsure and be comfortable in that uncertainty, by those who are willing to stay with their own evolution and discover who they will become, by those who know that they are their own game as they create what they want in their worlds, by those feel empowered to speak their truth without fear.

I know mySelf to be both the weaver and the threads of a strong and resilient web of transformation and creation. I know that awakened resonance is the key to becoming invitational. When my resonance calls to others, it invites and ignites their own. In turn, their resonance invites and awakens others. It is through this living resonance that the web of awakened questioners creates itself and grows.

I seek to connect with hearts and inquiring minds, with visionaries and wizards – people who want to explore the magic of the journey of self-discovery

There is no one right way or single vision of what is attainable.  There are so many ways to see the world. I believe that chaos is the essential spark that ignites our power to create. Daring to be open, clear, honest, and direct in all things is that essential spark

Individual voices collectively have impact.  All that it takes is that we speak out our truth.