Celebrating Self: The Series

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Celebrating Self
Discovering the Power of Personal Presence through Conversation and Creating

A series of one day, open-forum, intensive conversations which can be experienced as a group or individually.

Have you felt that time is speeding up and that we are standing at the precipice of some great awakening? Do you feel a sense of urgency; fear; excitement all at the same time? Do you worry about things which feel out of your control? Are the strategies you use and your self-talk, intended to manifest the life that you want, exhausting you? Do you feel restless and continue to seek something that would make your life meaningful? Are you open to considering your life from a different perspective? Are your hungry for deeply meaningful conversations with others? Are you willing to invest in yourself and trust that change need not be hard work or time consuming? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, the process of exploring through Celebrating Self can help you uncover and shine light on the truth of who you really are.

For women only, this WEL-Systems ®based program created and facilitated by Jean Winter, WEL-Systems ® Affiliate and Certified CODE Model ™ Coach is neither a training nor a course. It is not an art class or a music class or a writing class although you might feel called to use any or all of these as forms of expression as you come to know yourself in a different way.

The Celebrating Self series – a series of conversation, intensive and open-forum experiences, invites and allows safe space to reclaim our lives and to recreate our personal realities. In choosing to take part in Celebrating Self, you will give yourself the time to know yourself and awaken your potential to design your life and to create your space rather than only manage or maintain what you have. Your experience in this collective will:

• be guided and shaped by the urgency of what is meaningful to you
• unfold in a safe place where you can think, and know, and engage differently
• provide you with time for yourself to claim more of who you already are and discover who you are capable of becoming

I’ve been on this journey to knowing my truth all my life. I have much to share with you. I am looking forward to being present to you. Together, we’ll share our journeys. The exploration of who we are will be personal to each of us. – Jean

Leave this experience, awakened to knowing that:

• You are safe in exercising your right to choose
• Your past is irrelevant as a guide to creating your future
• You are critical to making a difference and it is never too late
• Your life is exciting and you don’t have to so serious things, seriously
• You are not alone

Come and be with yourSelf in the good company of other women and experience Celebrating Self.

Witness a different way to be yourSelf. Discover the more that you are.

The Series:

* Exploring the Journey to Now: Taking ourselves seriously in body, mind, and spirit

* The Power of My Individuality: Moving beyond old beliefs, values, attitudes, history, shame and habits

* Expressing Spirit: Knowing ourselves in a different way

* Creating Our Space: Living life wholeheartedly: guideposts to consider

Participants may choose to attend one, some, or all of the experiences offered in
this series. No matter where and how you start, you can be sure that you’ll leave with an
expanded context for being yourself, living your life, and engaging in what you are
passionate about.

Location: 202 – 1047 Canadian Shield Ave Kanata Ontario K2K 0H4

Dates and Time: – Sundays from 1 – 5 PM

Exploring the Journey to Now –

The Power of My Individuality –

Expressing Spirit –

Creating Our Space –

Investment in Self: $85.00 per workshop in the series.

Payment can be made through internet at jean.winter62@gmail.com. Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque and mailed to Jean Winter 202-1047 Canadian Shield Ave Kanata, ON K2K0H4.

To register: Pre-registration, at least one week before each workshop, is essential.

Contact Jean Winter at jean.winter62@gmail.com or call at 613-435-2808.

I hope that you will choose yourSelf and choose to attend any or all of the workshops in this series. I look forward to where our conversations will lead us.

With much respect, integrity, and generosity of spirit,



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