Connecting and Engaging: A paradigm Shift in Thinking About Educating

Connecting & Engaging: A Paradigm Shift in Thinking About Educating

Consider the importance of being a teacher – of being a significant adult in a student’s life.  Consider the impact teachers have on each student and, through that, on themselves.  Consider the beliefs, values and attitudes that we bring to teaching – not only from our experience of being a teacher but from our personal experience, as students in the presence of teachers. Consider teaching and learning as intertwined processes where the focus of our attention is always intended to be the student, not the content covered nor the assessments determined.  Consider ways of doing things mindfully and, to be certain, differently – ways that will impact a difference for teachers, students, and, ultimately the nature of the teaching profession.  Consider the impact this can have on our world.

For teachers  and for those considering teaching as a life expression, this WEL-Systems® based conversation will be facilitated by Jean Winter, a highly experienced educator, whose passion resides in the potential of what teachers and students can co-create. Connecting and Engaging is fueled by the belief that questions ARE the answer. What are the questions that we are not asking ourSelves which would propel us forward into whom we can become as teachers?

Benefits of Engaging:

*           Choose your own discussion group, relative to what is meaningful to you

*           Conversations are fueled by life experience, rather than curricula

*           No assessment

*           Safe space to engage freely in a voluntary, open-forum

Leave the experience, really knowing:

*           A more deeply embedded sense of Self, as educator

*           You are not alone

*           There is always more to discover in the good company of others

*           Questions really ARE the answer.


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