NO MORE Weighting for Happiness

NO MORE Weighting for Happiness

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Have you felt held captive by external expectations about what you should weigh or the size you should be? Have you sought out advice and taken part in programmes offered by so many sources looking for help with your ‘problem’?

How do you decide what’s right for you?

Knowing that we are not our bodies and that we are not a number on the scale or a dress size has not been the world in which most of us have grown up. Weighting for Happiness NO MORE is not about how to fit in and ‘look good.’ It’s about learning how to trust yourself – and discover how to awaken to more powerful ways of knowing who YOU truly are.

Weighting for Happiness NO MORE isn’t just any conversation – it’s one that can change your life. This is not a training (relying on practices and techniques). This is not about strategies to lose weight. This is a small group, life-altering experience that has the potential to transform how you see yourself and who you know yourSelf to be. No matter if you’ve experienced any other programme before, your experience of transformation will include safety to speak your truth, common sense, a bit of science and a touch of the sacred.

This extended, Open Forum conversation:

• is guided and shaped by what’s meaningful to you;
• offers you an alternative to how you’ve always thought about your life and your world;
• unfolds in safety, inviting you to think differently, know differently and engage differently;
• invites you into reclaiming more of who you already are and discovering who you are capable of becoming!
• invites you to own your body and to know that you so much more than the body which you and others see;
• invites you to get comfortable moving your body and connecting with your own power and sensuality

~ Say yes to yourSelf ~

~ Know that YOU are the expert of YOUR life! ~

You’re in Good Company!

Jean Winter, a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™  will be your guide on this journey into knowing yourSelf differently – as more than your body.

Each participant will receive a copy of Fully Alive – Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth by Louise LeBrun.

Location: 202 – 1047 Canadian Shield Avenue Kanata

Dates and Times: Saturday


Investment in Self: $110.00

Pre-registration is required.

Payment must be received no later than ONE week before the programme begins.

Payment can be made through internet at

Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque and mailed to: Jean Winter, 202 – 1047 Canadian Shield Avenue Kanata K2K 0H4

I’ve been on this journey to knowing my truth all my life. I have much to share with you, and I am looking forward to being present to you. Together, we’ll share our journeys. The exploration of who we are will be personal to each of us. — Jean


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