Women Gathering — Increasing Matriarchal Consciousness: The Power of Possibility


The Power of Possibility

Louise LeBrun, the founder of The WEL-Systems Institute ® has said, “I am mindful that things continue to move faster, with much greater impact, from one awakening to the next. I continue to believe that if we are going to create a different world for ourselves, we must dare to awaken to the inner truth that we already carry AND engage from that truth, to manifest. The time for middle ground; for middle-of-the-road approaches, is behind us. There is no longer any ‘play’ at the margins: we either are in the game – or we are not.”

Welcome to conversations on the Power of Possibility. These conversations are intended to be gateways to awakening in our Selves how we currently know and choose to hold ourSelves as leaders in and for our lives. Grounded in the WEL-systems® body of knowledge and Evolution by Intention™, these conversations can expand possibility and potential not only for our Selves but for those who share our worlds.

I’m inviting the Women in my world to explore knowing that we are each unique, whole and essential to our worlds. For me, this is a deeply meaningful and essential discussion. Choose to share in a conversation with me, and to explore not from the intellect but from the deep inner sense of knowing that we all carry inside ourSelves. This Women Gathering is an invitation to you to consider a transformation in your unique knowledge of your SELF.

I have space for 10. The conversation is complimentary AND pre-registration with me is essential. Choose to attend and consider the possibility of knowing yourSelf as more.

Location: 202 – 1047 Canadian Shield Avenue Kanata

Conversation Dates:


Bring yourSelf. Bring a friend. Bring a colleague. I hope that you will share this opportunity with the women in your life, who, like you, are seeking a different conversation – one, which will deepen awareness of their personal truth. Come for a different conversation about your life and your unique potential. Come to meet others and come to discover more about yourSelf, for yourSelf. Bring the truth of your despair and the truth of your joy… and discover where these interconnect to form your current reality.

I’ve been on this journey to knowing my truth all my life. I have much to share with you, and I am both willing and able to do so… to be present to you. I am looking forward to it!

Please contact me to let me know if you are able to come either via email at jean.winter62@gmail.com. or by calling 613-435-2808.

I look forward to our time together and to where our discussion will lead us. The possibilities are limitless.

With respect, integrity and generosity of spirit,



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